Our Support to the Helpers: 

One of our goals at TOPHAND is to help a helper finds suitable family to work with, we provide appropriate programs and services to help the helper become knowledgeable through guidelines and information’s we provide.    

Finding an opportunity to work in Hong Kong as domestic helper is never easy yet beneficial for some reasons. Every successful candidate  selected by the right employer will face challenges as they begin with their contract. Every helper will find it challenging as they live in a small home with a family whose culture and language are completely different. 

Being a domestic helper in Hong Kong is extremely challenging. You will have a complete unique home environment as you begin working with your employer. You may fell overwhelming as you face diverse experiences like having unfamiliar family, with food you aren’t used to, difficulties on communications, and getting along with grandparents. These are the challenges that every helper should be prepared as you take the  challenge of taking any employment contract. These are the factors that normally causes the early termination of contracts or resignation.

For this cause, we developed a support system to help you  successfully adjust in your new life style and condition in Hong Kong and help you achieve your goal and dreams while you are here.