A&J TOPHAND Employment Agency was established to provide solutions on every family’s tough problem on selecting and hiring a helper. In today’s competitive era of hiring a home-helper, TOPHAND offers  an efficient and responsible services to help every family finds their suitable helper. We help the deserving candidate to find the right family and vice versa. Hiring and adding unknown person into the family is most likely unthinkable, but through our experience of matching the  employer and helper, both can live harmoniously and fulfill the intent of hiring.

TOPHAND is willing to listen to the plea of the helper and employer and help both parties resolve any altercation to build up good and harmonious relationship at home. We are committed to  help each party to overcome all hitches on building up good relationship so that both can keep a lasting contract possible.

We understand that hiring a helper is stressful and expensive but at Tophand, with our personalized service we ensure you to achieve your goal of hiring a professional and qualified helper. 

Hiring through TOPHAND, you are partnering with us on extending help to the indigenous. TOPHAND is actively involve on feeding ministry, and helping church workers to build up their small worship place in tribal area. You can visit our gallery and see the updates of our partnership. 

We are a Philippine Accredited agency and HK Labour approved employment agency licence no: 58682